Online Application Registration System
Goverment of NCT of Delhi  
29/11/2020 19:06:11  
1 :The fields with * mark are mandatory. 
2 : # In case, 10th Roll No. is in Alphanumeric,then use only numeric characters of the Roll No. For example, if your Roll No. is 12CSC0204, then use 120204.
3 :Candidate can apply for various posts only after registration. Aftrer registration, candidate is required to the quote regn. no. and his/her password for further accessing the online system.
4 :At least one of the fields among Father Name/Mother Name/Spouse Name is mandatory.
Registration Details
* Date of Birth(As per 10th Certificate) (dd/MM/yyyy) *Roll no. of 10th Exam # *10th Passing Year
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