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23/01/2020 05:45:51  
Current Vacancies
Store Keeper :: Post Code:01/20
Section Officer (Horticulture) :: Post Code:02/20
Assistant Engineers (Civil) :: Post Code:03/20
Veterinary Livestock Inspector :: Post Code:04/20
Investigator 21/10/19 :: Post Code:05/20
Stenographer(English) :: Post Code:06/20
Stenographer(Hindi) :: Post Code:07/20
Office Superintendent :: Post Code:08/20
Pharmacist :: Post Code:09/20
Legal Assistant :: Post Code:10/20
Manager(Public Relation) :: Post Code:11/20
Junior Telephone Operator :: Post Code:12/20
Jr. Clerk :: Post Code:13/20
Draftsman :: Post Code:14/20
Hindi Translator-cum-Assistant :: Post Code:15/20
Labour Welfare Inspector :: Post Code:16/20
Accountant :: Post Code:17/20
Laboratory Assistant (Biology) :: Post Code:18/20
PGT-BIOLOGY (Male) :: Post Code:19/20
PGT BIOLOGY FEMALE :: Post Code:20/20
PGT CHEMISTRY MALE :: Post Code:21/20
PGT-COMMERCE (MALE) :: Post Code:23/20
PGT-COMMERCE (Female) :: Post Code:24/20
PGT ENGLISH MALE :: Post Code:25/20
PGT ENGLISH-FEMALE :: Post Code:26/20
PGT HISTORY (Male) :: Post Code:27/20
PGT-Maths (Male) :: Post Code:28/20
PGT MATHS FEMALE :: Post Code:29/20
PGT PHYSICS (Male) :: Post Code:30/20
PGT PHYSICS (Female) :: Post Code:31/20
PGT SANSKRIT (Female) :: Post Code:32/20
PGT GEOGRAPHY (Male) :: Post Code:33/20
PGT PUNJABI (Female) :: Post Code:34/20
Educational and Vocational Guidance Counselor - Male :: Post Code:35/20
Educational and Vocational Guidance Counselor-Female :: Post Code:36/20
ASSISTANT GRADE-I :: Post Code:37/20
Store Keeper :: Post Code:38/20
Driver :: Post Code:39/20
Ahlmad :: Post Code:40/20
Electrical Overseer :: Post Code:41/20
Inspecting Officer :: Post Code:42/20
Workshop Instructor :: Post Code:43/20
Care Taker :: Post Code:44/20
Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry) :: Post Code:45/20
Laboratory Assistant (Lie Detection) :: Post Code:46/20
Laboratory Assistant (HRD/QC) :: Post Code:47/20
Laboratory Assistant (Physics) :: Post Code:48/20
Laboratory Assistant (Documents) :: Post Code:49/20
Laboratory Assistant (Photo) :: Post Code:50/20
Scientific Assistant (Ballistics) :: Post Code:51/20
Scientific Assistant (Lie Detection) :: Post Code:52/20
Scientific Assistant (Documents) :: Post Code:53/20
Scientific Assistant (Physics) :: Post Code:54/20
Scientific Assistant (Chemistry) :: Post Code:55/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Photo) :: Post Code:56/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Document) :: Post Code:57/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Biology) :: Post Code:58/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Ballistics) :: Post Code:59/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Physics) :: Post Code:60/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Chemistry) :: Post Code:61/20
Senior Scientific Assistant (Lie Detection) :: Post Code:62/20
Laboratory Technician :: Post Code:63/20
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